Music School That Will Accelerate your Musical Journey

Classic Jazz is now more accessible to those who want to learn this great genre of music. There are many talented youths who aspire to be prominent musicians or wish to take up music as a hobby. There are plenty of music institutes available. To fulfill their musical dream, New York Jazz Academy (NYJA) started its specialized Youth Jazz Programs for teenagers, college students and other age groups.

NYJA began its journey with a saxophone workshop in 2009. It was set off by committing itself to provide ensemble performance and rehearsal opportunities to upcoming musicians. The academy has developed and implemented a new and effective model for Jazz education that transforms its students into confident performing artists through group rehearsals rather than isolated practice sessions.

The academy has various customized learning programs such as a successful 'Saturday College Prep Program', 'Teen Jazz Improv', and 'Junior Jazz' workshops for the students of different age groups and requirements. Faculty members that also happen to be the finest musicians in New York City oversee all these programs and events.

The students at NYJA learn different styles of Jazz music on various instruments ranging from trombone, saxophone, piano, guitar, drums, voice and others. These extensive learning sessions eventually culminate into more exposure thanks to the academy offering ensembles, special performances, and alliances with the major jazz clubs, custom workshops for outstanding students, and online classes.

Another factor that the academy considers for aspiring students is the course fee. All the learning programs are priced affordably for the learner's convenience. The academy provides scholarships to talented and eligible students by receiving grants from others. Musical instruments are given to the students who require them for uninterrupted jazz lessons. Enrollment for winter and spring sessions is starting now.

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