Kevin Mahogany to Headline Concert to Benefit Foundation for Developmentally Disabled

Acclaimed vocalist Kevin Mahogany will headline this spring's "Alive in the World" Concert benefiting The Foundation for The Developmentally Disabled. The concert and auction event is presented by the Trust for the Advancement of Responsible Artists (TARA) and will be held at Artis-Naples' Daniels Pavilion, Thursday, May 8, 2014 beginning at 7:00 p.m.

With his gift for bebop, ballads, blues and swing Kevin Mahogany's talents bloomed early. By 1970, a 12 year-old, Kevin was playing the baritone sax and working professionally with Eddie Baker's "New Breed Orchestra." By his senior high school year, he discovered he was a singer. At Baker University, he formed his own vocal jazz choir. After graduating, he returned to his roots in Kansas City and its music scene. In 1993, Kevin released his debut album Double Rainbow. He has since released albums on Enja, Warner Brothers, Telarc and finally on his own label, Mahogany Jazz. With 11 CD's as a leader and more as a sideman, Kevin has become one of the outstanding vocalists in jazz. The New Yorker said of him, "There is little Mahogany cannot do." That tells it all.

In addition to being a trend-setting leader of the first order, Kevin Mahogany has been an in-demand sideman and guest artist with a select cadre of jazz stars. He's recorded with T.S. Monk, The Ray Brown Trio, Marlena Shaw, Roseanna Vitro, Carl Allen, Barbara Morrison and Elvin Jones. Mahogany is also an exceptional master teacher, as evidenced by his well-received work teaching at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the University of Miami.

"Kevin Mahogany is the standout jazz vocalist of his generation, " said Bob Goldman, director and founder of TARA. "His dynamic and down-home artistry is going to make for an amazing show."

TARA was founded as a result of Bob Goldman's interest in autism and other developmental disabilities. "The Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled is committed to ensuring that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families have the support they need to be full members of the community, " Goldman says. "Just supporting the cause is reason enough to come to this event. But, people also get a great performance by artists they might otherwise never get to see." Previous concerts have included Arnold McCuller, Ben Taylor, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Rodney Crowell, Brandi Carlile and Phoebe Snow.

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