Jazz IS Blues - New Vision Breathes Life Into Old Genre

A dynamic venture announces its launch today with a distinctively unique format for music outreach and performance. TRY JAZZ is a street roots concept taking Jazz to the people, rather than playing it above them. A deep project with eclectic support, TRY JAZZ hears the question 'What IS Jazz?' and responds with four bold experiences that affirm: 'Jazz Is Blue'; 'Jazz Is Soul'; ' Jazz Is Funk'; 'Jazz Is Now'

The TRY JAZZ vision spins the dial on the relationship between Jazz and other popular roots music. Although Jazz is the foundation of most modern genres, in propagation and performance the trend has been segregation of form versus unity of origin. Project Director Sharen Lange explains, "Jazz has been portrayed as the musical tree of life, but as a singular genre it tends to push up into the sunlight of instrumental creativity and can become disconnected from the sprawling growth of its limbs." Lange continues, "Imagine the forest floor below covered with people. You can see how the far reaching canopy of popular music covers more of us and how that impacts Jazz sustainability. Rather than try and convince novice listeners to gather around the trunk of that tree, we highlight Jazz as the fruit already hanging within reach on its branches."

The project Artistic Director, trumpeter Mr. Derrick Gardner, is an award winning composer, arranger, international recording artist and professor of Jazz. He leads TRY JAZZ on four albums that are being recorded live to celebrate the Blues, Soul, Funk & Hip Hop genres highlighted by the presence of their Jazz ancestry. TRY JAZZ begins by showcasing the Blues. Its first event entitled 'Jazz Is Blue' is scheduled for Saturday April 26th, 2014 at the Old Town Marquee in Lansing, MI. Event details will be forthcoming.

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