Dave Liebman joining Machine Mass on MoonJune's release "Inti"

Dear MoonJune's Friends
it's not a secret that Michel Delville is one of my favorite XXI century new guitar players, and this exciting projects marks the Belgian-Italian guitarist's 8th album on MoonJune Records (and there will be many more to come). Michel "The Guitar Devil" Delville is joined by his compadre in Doubt and Machine Mass Trio, jazz drummer extraordinaire Tony Bianco, and by the jazz and sax giant Dave Liebman, for the exciting musical journey called "Inti". Liner notes by John Kelman.
Yours in Music

MACHINE MASS feat. Dave LIEBMAN pairs the legendary saxophonist (Miles Davis, Elvin Jones...) with longtime col- laborator drummer Tony Bianco (Elton Dean, Paul Dunmall, Evan Parker, douBt) and guitarist Michel Delville (The Wrong Object, douBt). Graced by Dave Liebman's extraordinary phrasing and improvising skills, "INTI" combines free impro- visation with tight rhythmic structures, post-Bitches Brew time signatures with ambient episodes, spreading across different musical and spiritual realities, both playfully and intensely. The band ventures into the fiery electro-jazz territories explored by Bianco and Delville's recent Machine Mass Trio, which also showcased both musicians' capacity to listen closely and improvise over unpredictable chord, rhythm and time changes while handling live electronics and computer loops.


"Dave Liebman is one of the most creative jazz saxophonists on the planet" (John Fordham, The Guardian, London) "...the most breathtaking sweep of emotions that might be heard on soprano saxophone for some time to come." (All About Jazz)

"Michel Delville's fantastic guitar leads build (once again) to the far corners of the universe" (Dick Metcalf, Rotcod Zzaj) "... quite stunning whether soloing or filling out the spaces between" (Duncan Heining, Jazzwise Magazine, UK)

"Tony Bianco allies grace and power, propelling both sessions with unflinching stamina" (Francois Couture, All Music Guide)**

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