Grammy Winner Clare Fischer Best Instrumental Composition

Grammy Winner Clare Fischer Best Instrumental Composition Pensamientos For Solo Alto Saxophone And Chamber Orchestra. Music for Strings, Percussion and the Rest. Dr. Clare Fischer – Producer, Composer, Conductor, Brent Fischer – Producer, Composer, Conductor, Gary Foster – Conductor

Catalog Number: CR201309

UPC Code: 888174205687

Track Listings - All compositions by Dr. Clare Fischer except where noted

1. Pensamientos for Solo Alto Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra 13:45

2. Miniature 4:15

3. Realización for String Orchestra 19:12

4. Interlude for Piano 3:59

5. Two for the Road (Mancini Arr. Clare Fischer) 2:38

6. Weekend in Stockholm (Brent Fischer) 5:12

7. Coming Home 2:18

8. Reflection for Piano 5:15

9. Retrograde Orbits for Vibraphone (Brent Fischer) 3:51

10. Suddenly (Arr. Brent Fischer ) 5:17

1 1. A Moment of Silence 6:15


Catalog Number: CFP012201

UPC Code: 634479511127

Label: Clavo Records

Release Date: 2/25/2014

Suite for Cello and String Orchestra

1. After the Rain 6:44

2. The Early Years 9:05

3. Finale 5:38

Time Piece

4. Homage 11:15

5. Elegy and Blues 7:53

6. Fugue and Finale 9:02


7. Bachlude I 4:03

8. Bachlude II 6:35

Featured Orchestra Musicians: Gary Foster, Brent Fischer, Gerald Vinci, Assa Drori, Roland Kato, Cecilia Tsan, David Shostac, Don Shelton, Rose Corrigan, David Duke, Jon Lewis, Brian Pezzone

The music of Dr. Clare Fischer is a synthesis of influences across an unusually broad spectrum. From an early age, he was absorbing the works of Bach, Bartok, Ellington, Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Strayhorn, Berg, Villa-Lobos and later Jobim and Dutilleaux. By the time he had finished his formal education, he had played and become proficient on all wind and string instruments. This gave him the ability to write for them in an absolutely idiomatic manner. Because of his talents across so many genres though, he became

busy, well known and respected in the Jazz, Pop and Latin fields.

People such as Richard Stoltzman in the classical world, who knew of his orchestral work and commissioned him, found it to be an unparalled approach to chromatic tonality. Building on centuries of history, most of it is incredibly complex in ways that stun

those able to analyze it, yet at it's core is a beautifully logical simplicity and thus accessibility beyond the realm of the purely classical. Continuing to write timeless chamber and symphonic works throughout his life, he passed on his distinct harmonic and orchestrational concepts to me through a decades long apprenticeship.

Herewith then, as I continue to carry on his legacy, is our latest collection of works.

—Brent Fischer.

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