Baritone Saxophonist B.J. Jansen New CD "Ronin" + West Coast Appearances

New CD Featuring B.J. Jansen-baritone sax, Mamiko Watanabe-piano, Mike Boone-bass, Amanda Ruzza-bass, Chris Beck, Dorota Piotrowska-drums (Artist Recording Collective ARC-2529) Street Date March 4, 2014

Track Listing, Time and Composer:

1) RONIN 6:04 (B.J. Jansen)

2) Rose for Noriko 5:06 (B.J. Jansen)

3) Best Fiend 8:44 (B.J. Jansen)

4) The Cost 6:06 (B.J. Jansen)

5) Blues for C.P. 6:05 (B.J. Jansen)

6) Manhattan Trane'in 5:22 (B.J. Jansen)

7) Brother Sid 7:16 (B.J. Jansen)

8) Diamonds for Lil 5:10 (B.J. Jansen)

9) The Code 4:16 (B.J. Jansen)

Recording Dates: October 9th & 27th 2013

Artists Home Market: New York City

Musicians: B.J. Jansen - baritone saxophone, Mamiko Watanabe - piano, Mike Boone - bass, Amanda Ruzza - bass, Chris Beck - drums, Dorota Piotrowska - drums

During the feudal period in Japan (1185-1868), a Ronin was a samurai (knight) with no lord or master. A samurai could become masterless from the death or political fall of his master, or simply by the loss of his master's favor. Ronin amassed during periods of long peace when their warrior training was not needed. Some Lords released samurai for strictly financial reasons during these periods. By law a Samurai was forbidden to have a job, so many fell into poverty and lives of crime to feed themselves and their families. Others, simply disgraced committed suicide.

The plight of the Ronin draws many similarities to what I have observed with those of us who adopt the way, or follow a life of the study of the art and craft of instrumental improvised music. Live performance and revenue streams have become

increasingly scarce as society and technology have changed. However, like the Ronin, we artists persist as warriors and keepers of the flame, devoting our lives to the propagation of the Music. We have become drifters, outsiders, masterless and seeking the truth of who we are as artists and people.

"Rising Jazz Star"- Andy Hardy, Jazz Host on George Jazz FM, New Zealand

"B. J. Jansen and his articulate baritone sax leads his group Conjura into some immaculate ensemble and solo playing... There is no compromising here just straight ahead Jazz… B.J., originally from Cincinnati now living in the NY area is knowledgeable, bold, aggressive, and determined to make great jazz music and jazz happenings.... talented musician… a truly experienced soul!"

- Ty Bailey, Host of "Just Jazz" Radio Show on WVST FM

"A baritone saxophone-led quartet takes a lot of guts. The beauty of this recording lies in both its period approach and the superb sonics captured by modern recording. Jansen... proves his chops on his solid original repertoire. Ronin is a solid bop outing."
- AllAboutJazz

West Coast Live Appearances - NAMM Show 2014, Anaheim CA

Saturday, January 25th, 2014:

1PM (PST) - Conn-Selmer INC - Booth #4600 (hall C) - NAMM 2014 - Performance/CD Signing:
B.J. Jansen, Baritone Sax (Courtesy of Yanagisawa Wind Instruments - Japan), Amanda Ruzza - Bass (Courtesy of GruvGear, Soultone) and Mauricio Zottarelli - Drums + Guests

8PM(PST) - Steamers Jazz Cafe, Fullerton, CA - Performance/CD Signing - $15 Door Charge:
Fiberreed Artist Appreciation Jam featuring: 3X Grammy Award Winning, Tom Scott - Saxophone, B.J. Jansen - Baritone Saxophone + many more Fiberreed Artists.

Sunday, Janaury 26th, 2014:

1PM (PST) - Conn-Selmer INC - Booth #4600 (hall C) - NAMM 2014 - Performance/CD Signing:
B.J. Jansen, Baritone Sax (Courtesy of Yanagisawa Wind Instruments - Japan) + Guests

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