Recording Artist Gina Carey to Launch New Entertainment Website, Soul Jazzy Entertainment

Recording Artist Gina Carey, will formally launch her new independent arts network, " Soul Jazzy Entertainment" on Sunday, January 26, 2014. Soul Jazzy Entertainment is a culturally diverse, family friendly website that primarily focuses on bringing worldwide awareness to some of the world's most talented yet undiscovered independent artist. "Soul Jazzy Entertainment" will house a multiplicity of independent art forms all under one roof.

"Soul Jazzy Entertainment" publishes weekly blogs, concerts, music videos, dance productions, theatrical performances, film reviews, entertainment news, featured artist spotlights and more. "Soul Jazzy Entertainment" strives to be another vehicle for artist who are independently funding their own careers to gain worldwide expose.

Visitors of can expect nothing less than quality, family friendly and entertaining material presented regularly without compromise.

Although "Soul Jazzy Entertainment "offers a plethora of engaging content, visitors will undoubtedly find themselves mesmerized by "Soul Jazzy Entertainments" new webisode series "Tell My Story".

"Tell My Story" is a new web series documenting raw, heartfelt interviews with various up and coming entertainment professionals. While watching "Tell My Story", onlookers will find themselves becoming emotionally engaged in the lives of each artist as they share the victories and defeats of their artistic journeys. "Tell My Story" is sure to inspire and to encourage those who are in pursuance of their life long dreams to never give up.

"Soul Jazzy Entertainment" also serves as an additional host to, Internet Radio Stations, "Blues Jazz Radio & Gospel Is Golden Radio" where Brett "BJ" Lewis is the Owner/Programmer/Air Personality of both Internet Radio Stations. Brett is also the Senior Vice President of Digital radio operations and air personality with The Philadelphia Syndication Network. Visitors will be able to tune in and enjoy local, regional and international air personalities as they bring you a constant flow of independent and upcoming artist 24 hours a day!!! The Perfect Blend Globally.

"Soul Jazzy Entertainment" was born out of the vision of Recording Artist Gina Carey in November 2013. Being an independent artist herself, Gina experienced many pitfalls in her attempt to accomplish her lifelong dreams. Because of her own struggles and seeing other independent artist alike experiencing the same setbacks, her compassion led her to create a platform in which the indie voice can be heard and noticed. She hopes that Soul Jazzy Entertainment will serve as another avenue to give many extremely talented indie artist the opportunity to have worldwide exposure.

Gina Carey is an accomplished singer/writer/producer/director and engineer. She has recorded ten CD's, reached the #1 spot on the UK Gospel Charts in 1996 and on the UK Soul Charts in 2011, Won the black music award for "best Gospel Performer" and won Marker Broadcasting's " Best Jazz Artist" award in 2012. She is the Producer & Director of the "Tell My Story" Web Series and the CEO/ owner of both Gico Music & Soul Jazzy Entertainment.

Soul Jazzy Entertainment is promised to be the new go to site to learn about yesterdays, today's and tomorrows most talented independent artist. Visit Soul Jazzy Entertainment at "Tell My Story" Episode One, "The Story of actor/model and film maker "Bella Maori" to premier Sunday January 26, 2014.

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