Tony Adamo Rough Reality in Radio Spins

Tony Adamo's MILES OF BLU (MOB) CD hit the Jazz Week reporting charts June 10th 2013 @# 447 with one station adding MOB with 4 spins. July 1st eight radio stations added MILES OF BLU with 23 spins for the week. MOB was @# 245. As of December 23, 2013. And after six months of jazz stations reporting airplay on Tony Adamo's MILES OF BLU, Adamo was @# 461 with 3 spins with two radio stations reporting. At the height of radio airplay on MILES OF BLU a total of sixty-five radio stations reporting and non-reporting were spinin' MOB. This number does not include Internet radio, Canadian radio, Europe jazz stations, and spoken word radio stations. Adamo did not hire radio promotion for MOB. He made the calls to radio and did the send outs himself saving three to five thousand dollars in radio promo fees.

Radio promotion for indie jazz, nu-jazz, acid Jazz, vocal jazz, and instrumental jazz is just plain pay for play with no guarantee of airplay. That is the rough reality of it.

Tony Adamo is working with the Headhunters in 2014.
The Headhunters with Bill Summers and Mike Clark, are an American jazz-funk fusion band best known for the albums they recorded as a backing band of jazz keyboard player Herbie Hancock during the 1970s. Hancock's debut album with the group, Headhunters is one of the best-selling jazz/fusion records of all time.
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