David Helbock´s Random/Control “Think of Two”

New Release: David Helbock´s Random/Control "Think of Two". David Helbock:piano, inside-piano, toy-piano, melodica, bass drum, clave, percussion, toys, electronics. Johannes Bär: trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo-trumpet, bass-trumpet, baritone horn, tuba, helicon, sousaphone, alphorn, didgeridoo, beatbox percussion, electronics. Andreas Broger: tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet, bassclarinet, flute, slide-trumpet, bassdrum, percussion, electronics. (Traumton Records 4599) Street Date January 31, 2014

CD Release Event
David Helbock´s Random/Control
10 January 2014
Fabriggli Buchs, Buchs (CH)

Who is a multi-instrumentalist? Is it enough to play different keyboards and edit those sounds with some electronic effects, besides playing the normal piano? Or does that only mean oneself is a more open-minded piano player? Well, lately, when rehearsing and playing with "Random/Control" I ask these questions quite frequently to myself.
With this band I feel somehow a little strange when I 'only' play the piano.

Johannes Bär plays every brass instrument that he can get into his fingers. He originally is a classically trained trumpet player and studied at the conservatory Feldkirch and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. But besides trumpet he also plays flügelhorn, trombone, baritone, tuba and helikon.

Andi Broger on the other hand is also a similar multi-instrumentalist, but on woodwind-instruments. He studied jazz saxophone at the conservatory Innsbruck but also plays clarinet, bass clarinet and flute besides the normal saxes like soprano, alto and tenor.

And me? I'm really just enjoying the tremendous diversity of sounds and all the possibilities of combining different instruments as a composer. A dream comes true for a composer - I can write lines in every pitch – melody lines or bass lines - these guys can play everything! Johannes Bär and me, we are connected in a musical friendship for a long time. As both of us are around the same age, we first met at the Musicgymnasium Feldkirch at the age of 15 back then we played together the first time and today play regularly in a band called "Bockbär Duo (ärduo).

Also Andi Broger and Johannes Bär know each other for quite a while, as they grew up in the same area in the "Bregenzer Wald" here in Vorarlberg. They also play together in a band called the "Holstuonar Musig Big Band Club", a modern folk music group (

It first happened in 2007 that all three of us played together in the "CIA - Collective of Improvising Artists" an ensemble founded by the New York Jazz piano player Peter Madsen (

It was pretty clear to all of us that we have to do something just the three of us - so the trio "Random/Control" was founded. The name of our trio is a good description of our music. My compositions are often arranged very strongly and complexly but they also offer a lot of space for free improvisation and exactly that constant change of perfect control and complete freedom is what we love the most. Of course freedom doesn't always mean randomness - but I really love to use composition techniques where the randomness is an important part and so you can also read our name without the slash - as "random control". - David Helbock

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