Torben Waldorff - live at the ShapeShifter Lab

Torben Waldorff - live at the ShapeShifter Lab to coincide with the APAP NYC 2014 - Monday, January 13th, 2014, 9:30 PM. ShapeShifter Lab - 18 Whitwell Place ((between Carroll and 1st St.),Brooklyn, NY 11215. Featuring Torben Waldorff-guitar, Gary Versace-piano, Matt Clohesy-bass, Jon Wikan-drums. This concert, which coincides with the JazzConnect/APAP NYC Conference, marks Torben's 8 years and 4 CD's with ArtistShare in New York.

Torben's CD's has consistently made excellent critical acclaim in international media in jazz, and top CD listings on the year in many countries.

The band's touring schedule has extended rapidly and Torben has performed at many major jazz festivals and club venues in US and europe.

Here's what we read in press :

-Jazztimes Michael J. West about Wah-Wah december 2012. .."Torben Waldorff leading an American band that's long on melody but also on texture and atmosphere."

-Eyal Hareuveni, allaboutjazz contributor in Israel, ends a great review with : "A beautifully crafted set of melodies".

-Also in allaboutjazz Mark F. Turner in US writes : "It's another fine release from a guitarist who merits wider recognition".

-The USA music blog Something Else ! goes : "right up there with Rosenwinkel and Metheny, with a tad more sting in it than those other two guys".

- "Music that takes you back and propels you forward" is what Marc Myers said, he's a writer for The Wall Street Journal.

- Never overplaying, Waldorff seems to tease the maximum amount of emotion from every note he plays.- Dr. Matt Warnock, MODERN GUITARIST

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