Asaf Sirkis: Plans For 2014, The Sirkis/Bialas new Quartet.

2013 has been a good year for the trio; we've been touring in the UK, Europe and the far East this time which was quite exiting! Thanks for all those people who came to our concerts! and greetings to the new mailing listers! I'm forming a new quartet with Polish singer extraordinour, Sylwia Bialas and some good friends: Pianist Frank Harrison and bass/harmonica player Patrick Bettison. We'll be touring in March (dates should be on the gig page) and recording an album straight after.... so, looking forward to get into writing some music again.

Its been great touring with legendary bass player Norman Watt-Roy and singer Wilko Johnson this year. We'll be touring next year in the UK and hopefully in Japan too. It's really a fun band and it features Gilad Atzmon, Frank Harrison, Wilko, Norman and myself.

Asaf Sirkis

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