This Week on The Hang: Dwayne Burno, Thomas Chapin, Horace Silver and Archie Shepp

The Hang is a new YouTube talk show hosted by Bret Primack featuring interviews with musicians, group discussions and master classes. Broadcast live on the Jazz Video Guy YouTube channel, the show is available as a YouTube video immediately after broadcast. The content is also edited into shorter segments for those who prefer watching clips, instead of the show itself.

Thursday 4 PM EST, Remembering Dwayne Burno with Spike Willner, Antonio Hart, Orrin Evans, Jeremy Pelt, Wayne Escoffery, David Weiss, David Gibson and Willard Jenkins.

Friday, Noon, EST, Night Bird Song, the Thomas Chapin Story. Filmmaker Stephanie Castillo and musicians Ned Rothenberg and Mario Pavone will discuss the life and music of saxophonist Thomas Chapin. Ms. Castillo, whose film Night Bird Song is currently in production, will also the film's very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Saturday, Noon, EST, Celebrating Horace Silver featuring musicians who have worked with the great pianist/composer: Larry Ridley, Randy Brecker, Alvin Queen, Todd Coolman and Jon Burr.

Sunday, 4pm, EST, A Conversation with Archie Shepp, hosted by Bret Primack and Willard Jenkins. Mr. Shepp's new recording, I Hear The Sound, on his own Archie Ball Records, features his Attica Blues Big Band Live in Paris.

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Viewers who utilize Google Plus are also able to ask questions in real time.

Last Saturday The Hang featured a tribute to the late brother Yusuf Lateef.

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