Tony Adamo To Be Co-Produced By Mike Clark & Bill Summers

A highly accomplished musician, percussionist, and ethnomusicologist, Bill Summers has performed and recorded with Joe Zawinul, Dianne Reeves, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, and George Benson, in addition to his various solo projects. He maintains a deep commitment to world music through his personal study with ethnic masters, as demonstrated through his deft ability on a variety of instruments. Summers' awareness of African heritage is evident in his work with Quincy Jones on the musical score for Roots and the soundtrack for The Color Purple. He formed the fantastic Latin/jazz hybrid Los Hombres Calientes in 1998, co-founded with trumpet prodigy Irvin Mayfield in New Orleans. Los Hombres have recorded three albums, toured the world, and have been nominated for a Grammy.

Mike Clark, a seasoned and versatile musician, began playing in Oakland, CA where he was instrumental in creating the "East Bay Funk" sound. His groundbreaking work on the Headhunters Thrust album drew attention to his singular style, elevating him to international cult status. Clark has performed and recorded with a diverse range of artists including Wayne Shorter, Charlie Hunter, Chet Baker, Gil Evans, Joe Henderson, Tony Bennett, and Mose Allison. In 2000, Clark formed his own super-group Prescription Renewal, releasing the highly acclaimed Actual Proof. He launched a successful tour in 2002 selling out venues in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and New Orleans. The touring lineup included young lions such as Charlie Hunter, Karl Denson, and DJ Logic.

BEFORE RAP, THERE WAS…Tony Adamo: Miles of Blu by George W. Harris • July 15, 2013 • 0 Comments You think rap (did I ever tell you the perfect radio station for it? K-RAP?) was the first music to offer the street scene? Forget it! Guys like Tony Adamo, and before him, Gil Scott-Heron tell BETTER stories, with a BETTER rhyme and with FAR BETTER musicians. Adamo on this disc celebrates the vibe, the attitude and the stars of the jazz scene on this disc with heavy hitters like Mike Clark/dr, Tim Ouimette/brass, Steve Homan/g and other cats with a rubber neck. His own tunes have a funky feel, and like the best street preachers, he tells the story like he means it. Homages to James Brown and Miles Davis sound right on the mark with Adamo dodging and ducking the lyrics like Floyd Patterson, and while the "America R We Free" tells me that Adamo could use a few economic books by Thomas Sowell, his streetwise readings of a couple Tower of Power tunes, particularly "Soul Vaccination" is a perfect update of a similar attitude. Jazzweekly Random Act Records

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