JC Stylles releases pioneering new iPad Magazine

Musicians today, and those associated within the industry have seen so much change in the music business, that many are left guessing how to reconfigure the business model effectively moving forward.

The traditional platforms that have disappeared have left many scratching their heads as the floor fell away, to be replaced by new platforms that seemingly offered great new opportunities of distribution on the one hand, but evidently unfair compensation for the musician is the reality on the other and trying to rectify the imbalance today is like searching for the Holy Grail.

So as a step in the right direction, it is refreshing to see more musicians putting on their entrepreneurial caps, (which would seem logical since they are after all living in the creative zone much of the time) and actually taking action to contribute to new methods of reaching an audience, in an effort to be fairly compensated.

Motema recording artist JC Stylles is one of the new breed of entrepreneurial musicians to recently emerge and take up the fight, with his new release on the Apple Newstand for his pioneering iPad Magazine "Taste Hear Feel New York-with JC Stylles".

The magazine available for iPad users reaches a gloabal and broad audience base by incorporating three of New York's predominant sub cultures in jazz, art, and food equally, and appeals to anyone who has a love or connection with the New York experience. The benefit of the iPad magazine platform also allows a multi-media experience for the reader, with live video interviews, as well as the written word, making it a part magazine and part TV-like experience, and allows other notable talent to be presented worldwide to an audience who may otherwise not be reached.

It is a subscription based model which includes 6 bi-monthly editions for the one time price of $14.99.

Grab yourself a copy of the premier edition for yourself today, or as a completely unique gift for someone this holiday season, which also features another entrepreneurial musician in Spike Wilner of Smalls Jazz Club talking about his vision in bringing the musicians and their audience closer together and his profit share plans for musicians.

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