Stephen Foster & Howler Release "Wearin' A Hole In The Blues"

"Wearin' A Hole In The Blues" is the latest in a series of releases by Iconic Nashville touring act "Stephen Foster & Howler". The song is being released by Musik And Film Records internationally, working to add to the 2, 600+ radio stations currently playing various releases from the band.

"Stephen Foster & Howler" is a 4-piece Boogie-Woogie & Blues act, playing concerts & festivals. Stephen, bassist DelRay, and guitarist Jay Jernigan front and drummer Eddie Russell anchors the touring group. Signed to Musik and Film Records, the group releases a new single every 45 days. Management: Joe Meador. Festival booking: JBird Agency.

•Stephen Foster & Howler•
• One platinum record "Mighty Field of Vision Anthem";
• Top-40 AMA Charted Album "Howl At The Blues";
• 4 Charted singles: "Mad As Hell", "Cathead Blues", "Mama's Goin' Dancin'", "Wearin A Hole In The Blues";
• 2011 CMA Nominated "Song Of The Year" for "She's Gone";
• 2011 CMA Nominated "Album Of The Year" for "Howl At The Moon";
• 2007 AMA Nominated "Emerging Artist of The Year";
• 2007 Muscle Shoals Music Awards Nominated "Blues Album of The Year;
• 2, 600+ radio stations playing Stephen Foster & Howler music as of 1/5/13

Stephen Foster's professional music background goes back to 1969 in Muscle Shoals, AL, where he grew up. The list of musicians he's worked with in studio or onstage is a veritable who's who of American music. His music education however, started much earlier, in the 50s, when radio consisted of stations like WLS and WSM at night, and the playlist was as varied as imaginable. Jazz, Blues, Country, Texas Swing, Pop and early R&B all played side-by-side. His father, a stride jazz pianist, and his mother, a contralto jazz torch singer, insisted on a music education for their children. Piano lessons started at age 5, and the home was filled with music of all styles, but the records most played by his father were big band swing, Chet Atkins, and Pete Fountain. These influences led to the style Stephen displays to this day, stylish grooves and powerful choruses, forays into the country's rich musical past, and a willingness to let a song flow without pressing it into any genre.

Stephen picked up guitar at age 11, bass at age 13, and was playing out at age 14 in talent contests and local shows. At 19, after a year in college and a Summer spent in California meeting musicians, he walked into Broadway Sound in Muscle Shoals and naively asked for session work. Amazingly enough, he had come on the exact day when the guitarist for the Percy Sledge session didn't show up, and his studio work began in earnest.

Publishing and production contracts followed. His session credits are legendary. Record deals and concerts and sessions were steady through the 70s, but by '79 he was through with labels, and he went "Indie", starting WhiteHorse Records in Virginia. He made his living singing jingles at Alpha Audio in Richmond alongside Steve Bassett ("The Heartbeat Oh America") and other great ad singers.

Stephen opened Howler Recording in Memphis in 1981 and ran the studio for 10 years until burnout pushed him out of the business for 7 years in the 90s. He didn't write a song or set foot in a studio during that time. He concentrated on his photography, earning a Kentucky Colonel Membership for his unique contribution to photographic styles with his "Firescapes".

In 2001, revitalized and refreshed, he reentered the music business, entering into a partnership in MillKids/Howler studio in Huntsville, AL. His first album recorded there "Howler", released in 2002, produced the international hit "The Mighty Field Of Vision Anthem". He moved his studio to a mountaintop lodge in 2004, releasing "Howl At The Blues" in 2006. The album hit the charts in 2007, charting at #37 AMA Charts nationally and staying on the charts for 10 months, gaining national FM rotation on 6 songs. Hits from that album include "Mad As Hell", "Mama's Goin' Dancin' When The train Comes Home", and "Changing Times".

A fierce indie, co-owner of, and one of the early pioneers of streaming indie audio, he was heavily involved in the internet drive to break the major labels' stranglehold on musicians and songwriters.

MusikandFilm is a music label, radio promotion, and distribution company.

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