No Boys Aloud to follow Jimmy Limo Jan. 4 Lounge

The all-female group formed by local musician Paula Reynolds, "No Boys Aloud, " will perform in Sliders Lounge at Mt. Shasta Ski Park Saturday, Jan. 4 from 4 to 7 p.m.

Offering a mix of rock, bluegrass, soul, jazz, and blues, the band was created, according to a press release, "through a long-term passion for promoting and supporting the area's high number of accomplished female musicians, many of whom put their music aside to raise families."

The group features multi-instrumentalists who switch instruments throughout the show, and most of them are also songwriters.

Band members are: Dana Knight (vocals, guitar, bass), Janet Ackerman Beck (vocals, ukulele), Paula Reynolds (vocals, guitar, flute, ukulele), Liz Churchill (bass, guitar, trumpet), Kate Bachmann (drums, mandolin), Cindy Summers (percussion), and a new member who will begin performing with the band in March, Julie May (fiddle, guitar, banjo).

No Boys Aloud will perform directly after Jimmy Limo, offering a full day of music at Mt. Shasta Ski Park.

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