Mark O'Connor, John Patitucci & Julian Lage Debut Trio At Blue Note

String masters Mark O'Connor, John Patitucci and Julian Lage will join forces for the first time as equal members of a new trio at the Blue Note from January 7 through January 9. All three will bring their unique, individual approaches to jazz with new compositions and concepts.

BIO: The trio of Mark O'Connor, John Patitucci and Julian Lage will debut at the Blue Note from January 7 through January 9. The brand new project will be a collaborative effort with all three musicians contributing compositions and concepts.

Mark O'Connor:

Violinist and composer Mark O'Connor is widely recognized as one of the most gifted contemporary composers in America and surely one of the brightest talents of his generation. A product of America's rich aural music tradition as well as being a Classical and Flamenco music student in his formative years, Mr. O'Connor's creative journey began at the feet of the folk violinist and innovator who created the modern era of American violin in the 1940's, Benny Thomasson; and a French jazz violinist who was considered one of the greatest improvisers in the history of the violin, Stephane Grappelli. Along the way, O'Connor absorbed knowledge and influence from the multitude of musical styles and genres he studied. The Los Angeles Times warmly noted he has "crossed over so many boundaries, that his style is purely personal."

Most recently, he has developed an innovative school of teaching violin: The O'Connor Violin Method, which focuses on American music and is the first new method of its kind in decades. The New Yorker recently ran a Talk of the Town item on O'Connor and his new method, with an accompanying video. Text:


John Patitucci:

Born in 1959 in Brooklyn, New York, John Patitucci began playing the
electric bass at age ten. Patitucci began composing and performing at age 12. At age 15, he began to play the acoustic bass and at age 16, the piano. He quickly moved from playing soul and rock to blues, jazz, and classical music. His eclectic tastes caused him to explore all types of music as a player and a composer. John studied classical bass at San Francisco State University and Long Beach State University. In 1980, he continued his career in Los Angeles as a studio musician and a jazz artist. John has played on countless albums with artists such as B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, and more.

Julian Lage:

When Julian Lage emerged on the music scene 13 years ago, the young San Francisco Bay Area-based musician was not only deemed a guitar-playing prodigy, but he was also offered record deals on numerous occasions. Playing a unique style that melded blues, classical, folk and jazz influences, Lage decided to wait for the right moment to document his own music. Along the way, he received recognition from musical luminaries, including Herbie Hancock and Béla Fleck, and patiently waited until he was ready to go into a studio with a band of like-minded players to realize his own musical vision. Now the time has come. At the age of 21, the now Boston-based Lage released his debut album, Sounding Point on EmArcy Records, an imprint of Universal Records. The CD is remarkably the most striking—and sophisticated—premiere of a young instrumental artist and composer in years.

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