Radam Schwartz: Blues Citizens

Radam Schwartz was born and raised in the New York City area. It came as no surprise after attending High School and playing saxophone and keyboards that his love for jazz began and then intensified while attending Berklee School of Music on a summer scholarship. After two semesters he decided to move on and try his luck working and playing gigs whenever the opportunity arose.

Radam's prolific career has led to many successful recordings. His own Organized (Muse Records) was mentioned in the B3 Bible as one of the essential organ records of all time. He also has been featured on Cecil Brooks III and the CBIII band, For Those Who Love to Groove (Savant Records).

Now with several decades behind him playing with greats like David "Fathead" Newman, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis and many others, his many talents are completely engaged on the new release Blues Citizens.

Standout players like Bill Saxton (tenor sax) and Bruce Williams (alto sax), Eric Johnson (guitar) and Cecil Brooks III (drums) help to form an outstanding quartet with Schwartz leading the way pumping out driving rhythms from the Hammond B3 on Blues Citizens .

Radam Schwartz also has been a jazz educator for many years, serving as musical director at the Jazz Institute of NJ, an artist in residence at Middlesex County Arts HS, and a teacher at Jazz Connections.

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