Tony Adamo’s New Groove Cover On A Tower Of Power Tune

Singer-songwriter, Tony Adamo's producer, Jerry Stucker was back in Los Angeles at Capitol Studios and Mastering working on new music tracks for Adamo's new CD release. In the mixed bag of Adamo/Stucker originals recorded at Capitol is a liquid cool cover of a song written by Tower of Power's Stephen "Doc" Kupka and Emilio Castillo. "Doc" was so funkified after hearing this fresh, new groove cover with Adamo's distinctive, smooth funky vocals and Stucker's in the pocket arrangement, that he immediately signed on to head up the horn section for this tune. Organist, Neil Larsen laid down his smooth funk grooves on this hip to the bone new jam while drummer, James Gadson boosted the beat and kept the funk rollin to this new funk pop hit to be.

Tony Adamo recently became a Strokeland Record artist. Strokeland Records is owned by the legendary Stephen "Doc" Kupka of TOP fame.

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