Bob Albanese Trio With Ira Sullivan Releases One Way/Detour

The Bob Albanese Trio with Ira Sullivan is ready to send lovers of jazz on a One Way/Detour. Their first release on Zoho Records (distributed by Allegro) is certain to satisfy the jazz purists and garner new listeners at the same time.

With a multitude of experience in jazz, classical, Latin, world, and theater, Albanese has few rivals when it comes to a well rounded career. He took his literal melting pot of piano experiences and wrapped it all into one session on a One Way/Detour of jazz colors and expressions.

As incredulous as it sounds, One Way/Detour was recorded in a two day interval while Albanese and his musical partners had some "time off". Multi Grammy Award nominee Ira Sullivan (saxophone, alto flute, cabasa) join Bob, and the rhythm section of Willard Dyson (drums) and Tom Kennedy (bass) to make the lineup complete.

Discriminating jazz devotees will be ecstatic as they easily absorb the modern yet intricate straight ahead jazz presented on One Way/Detour. As the title of the recording indicates, there is only way to go and it is the detour Albanese and his band take you too as you find yourself immersed in the tracks on the new release.

Interpretations of Monk classics such as "Ugly Beauty" puts the Bob Albanese Trio into a category all by themselves and originals like the tasteful opening track "Major Minority" speak highly of the expertise found within in each musician involved in the recording of One Way/Detour.

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