Halie Loren Releases They Oughta Write A Song… CD

Halie Loren grew up on an island in Southeast Alaska and was outside of much what popular culture offered during her formative years. That did not stop the young music lover from soaking in all the vibes from legendary performers such as Etta James, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Patsy Cline. At age 13, she then plugged into the sounds of Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, The Cranberries, Annie Lennox and many others, which began her journey to finding her own personal musical identity.

Full Circle was Ms. Loren's entrance into the world of Indie pop/jazz in 2006. After rave reviews for her singer/songwriter debut, she decided to go back to her jazz roots for her sophomore release after incorporating hundreds of jazz shows into her steady performing schedule and having garnered a growing fan base with frequent requests for a jazz album. For many years, Loren has covered a long list of classic songs from bygone eras along with her jazz originals mixed in for good measure during live performances, which seemed an appropriate combination for a first jazz recording as well. Enter They Oughta Write A Song… a strong comeback after a two year recording hiatus contemplating her next move that would push her even further into the music community with impact once again.

By all accounts thus far, They Oughta Write a Song… is getting quite a reception from listeners and press alike both in the US and internationally. With an astonishingly fluid jazz interpretation of rock classics like "A Whiter Shade of Pale", Halie takes her song crafting wrapped in warm and emotional vocals to new levels. Equally effective are the long-standing hits "The Dock of the Bay" and "As Time Goes By" with jazz vibes that are all at once satisfying and a fitting tribute to the original versions. In addition, the title track is a solid original composition that leaves the listener in anticipation of Halie's next suite of originals that will be due the next time she enters the studio.

The fine musicianship on They Oughta Write a Song… comes courtesy of Matt Treder (piano, keys), Mark Schneider (bass), Brian West (drums) and Tim McLaughlin (trumpet). Halie Loren finds her pocket with the outstanding backing provided by these seasoned musicians. A mutual respect comes through every song followed by an unrelenting give-and-take within each track that energizes the entire recording.

Reportedly already writing and recording material for her next album release coming out in late 2009, we can be assured Halie Loren has plenty more music to offer for our listening pleasure.

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