R&B Singer Traedonya To Release New Hit Single on iTunes

R&B is a soul funk style of music that enriches the listeners with contemporary sound and gospel-like elements. With big acts like Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx, John Legend, and Keri Hilson leading the genre, there are many acts that are surely rising above the charts. One R&B/crossover singer who on her first single, "Beloved" garnered critical acclaim in various global markets was nicknamed "The Bride Of The New Funk Hipopera" by the UK press, is rising to a new level of fame with her upcoming single "I'LL GIVE IT 2 U" which will be in stores like iTunes globally March 31st. Her fans cheer her on as they say the name: Traedonya.

Raised in The Bronx on Hip Hop, Funk, Rock and Gospel music, Traedonya was born into a life of music from her mother, who is also a known R&B singer. Her journey has taken her through many travels starting out at a very young age singing in church and being in love with Rock, Funk and Punk. Recording one of Hip Hop's first Big Band albums on Elektra records with her Hip Hop/Jazz band "Sample This!", Traedonya has grown into a feisty, yet very cool and patient individual. Her fan base is consistent and constantly growing. Studying Jazz and Classical Music with Mr. Reggie Workman, Mr. Chico Hamilton, Mr. MaKanda McCintyre and of course Mr. Bernard "Pretty Purlie" Purdy, Traedonya has a vocal musical pedigree that is very hard to touch and very hard to find, not to mention her presence on and off stage.

If you've ever been to a Traedonya performance, you know that the experience is for real, the beats are hardcore and the room is always vibrating. People leave happy, fired up and knowing who she is, if they didn't before. The single will be released by Prohibition Entertainment.

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