Seamus Blake Quartet Release Double CD Set Live In Italy

Hailing from the hotbed of New York City's jazz scene can never hurt the chances of a musician getting some attention, especially if that musician plays like Seamus Blake. Blake is recognized as one of the finest and most creative young players in jazz and with the release of the double album set Live in Italy, Blake and his quartet are positioned to stake a claim to their own slice of jazz history.

John Scofield calls him "extraordinary, a total saxophonist."

Seamus Blake was born in England and raised in Vancouver, Canada. At the young age of 21 and while still a student at Boston's prestigious Berklee College, he was asked to record with legendary drummer Victor Lewis. After graduation, he moved to New York, where he rapidly established himself on the New York jazz scene.

With five albums already behind him and many previous engagements before jumping into a recording session, Seamus has a veteran's resume that any aspiring musician would envy. Live in Italy perfectly surmises this lineage of recordings and captures the essence of the quartet's quintessential vibe. With the breadth and scope of five studio recordings and now an all encompassing live recording completed, Seamus Blake has come full circle with his career. With youth still on his side he is sure to make that trip again and please listeners and critics. Until then we will be awaiting with much anticipation for the next release from this vibrant artist.

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