Good N Plenty Funkier, Still Lumination

Lumination's CD, Good N Plenty, is coming out with a May 2009 under Lulu Publications and it is just that, but much funkier and livelier from Eye Candy and their rendition of The Cars' Moving In Stereo. But no one was expecting Lumination to outclass itself as a fusion rock group.

With new members, Jay Lock, who helped with composing and arranging tracks with Mike Payne and Derrick Whitt, as rhythm guitarist and drummer Brendon Borasky (both 17 years old), Lumination continues to evolve as one of Syracuse's superacts and ventures into new boundaries as it did three years ago when it was as a jazz duo.

The latest tracks from Lumination, Roommate Blues, Bad Reputation and Rodimus Prime/Galvatron Battle Theme, are on MySpace social networking site.

Lumination was a jazz duo with Denard Drew and Derrick Whitt in 2005. After a three year hiatus from the local scene it emerges as a fusion rock group with Mike Payne (lead guitars), Jay Lock (rhythm guitars), Brendon Borasky (drums) and Derrick Whitt (bass). Managed by Darlene Gordon.

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