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Announcing a Ground Breaking Music Experience. The Suite gives free 24/7 web access to well-known artists and talented newcomers thanks to its unprecedented and revolutionary broadcast website. From Folk to Hip-Hop, The Suite offers a new experience that allows fans to watch artists write, rehearse, record and perform intimate gigs. The Suite is a legendary pro recording studio and also now a live music venue in Primrose Hill (part of and formerly known as Utopia Studios). Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Tina Turner, Sting, Freddie Mercury, Tracy Chapman amongst others have all recorded there.

Live at The Suite

Everything that happens at The Suite is broadcast LIVE on its dedicated web site –

Music fans around the world watch and listen to bands and artists create, write, record, perform and discuss music. No one else in the world offers the same experience.

'The Suite is pioneering a new model for the music business'"– Jen Roberts, Songlink Magazine.

The Suite hosts and broadcasts live gigs offering a unique and intimate experience for fans, both in the live room and on-line and sell the exclusive recordings and merchandise in their chart registered Suite Shop.

Over the past year The Suite has recorded a variety of bands and artists, from One Little Indian signed experimental country artist Emit Bloch, student pop rockers Let's Tea Party, Alan McGee's MOR rockers The Grants and new studio recordings by rap/soul/pop stars DMT. Last summer was spent hosting The Mighty Boosh who were rehearsing and recording for their 2008 national tour.

Publishing and Recording at The Suite – Suite Music

The Suite also develops artists and offers non exclusive publishing and recording deals which include free studio time, production, promotion and support. Currently nine artists/writers are signed to Suite Music and the catalogue of new recordings and songs grows almost daily. It's first major release comes through AATW/Universal on February 23rd with the band DMT, already gaining radio and TV airplay.

A typical week at The Suite includes writing sessions, gigs, jamm nights, mixing sessions, open mic sessions, recordings and auditions.

Also in development – Art Suite, music lessons, Astar chat show and a 'Best of The Suite' TV program.

"It's like having our own live TV station on the web, without the usual constraints, so we're slowly but surely building a loyal fan base of music lovers interested in all sorts of music. If you want to see and hear music as well as to discover the music business as it really is, The Suite is the place to visit" – Andrew (Founder)

Quotes -

'…..he's out there…. but in a good way…I love what you're doing here' – Alan McGee on Andrew

'….it's been a right giggle' – Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh)

'The Suite was saweet' – Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh)

'…this very vibey Studio' – Emit Bloch (One Little Indian)

'Nice to see the old place in very good hands' – John Keeble (Spandau Ballet)

Other comments from the visitor's book –

Great place, rock & roll baby – Amazing studio, love the vibes – Awesome space here – I love the gaff – Suite as a nut – A maaarvelous experience – The vodka was cold, the music was awesome – Perfect environment – A privilege to visit – F'ing brilliant, a unique haven – The best party I have ever been to in my life – Great studio, great band, great place – This is a trip man – I love this – I felt super inspired – This is brilliant – Great creative vibes.

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