Taliferro Music Announces the Release of 5 Upcoming Albums

Taliferro Music - a new music label - announces the release of five upcoming album releases in the jazz, r&b, ambient, idm, electronic and down-tempo genres.

Taliferro music announces the release Ty Showers' upcoming release "Showers Of Love". Ty flexes his creative muscle as he continues his journey to "making music every thirty days" by releasing his newest album, "Showers of Love".

Also being released by Taliferro Music is "Poolside I" by Calima Shatiday, a collection of blended downtempo and jazz tracks on March 15.

On April 1st, Trestal debuts with a special mix of world, ambient and electronic as "Surreal Dreams".

Following Trestal will be BTS's idm (intelligent dance music) album "Techno-logy" on April 15th and finally the much anticipated r&b downtempo collaboration between Ty Showers and songstress/p T. Austin Reed, "For You" on May 1st .

Taliferro music is looking forward to introducing different sounds and working with independent artists in the coming months as well as focusing on producing urban, rap and more electronic, jazz, ambient, downtempo and r&b.

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