Sam Grow Set to Release “Ignition” February 10

Maryland-based singer-songwriter Sam Grow is set to independently release his highly-anticipated debut full length album "Ignition" on February 10, 2009. Grow has blended the best of pop, rock, and soul sounds to create an album completely unique to anything else being put out in the music industry today.

"I am extremely excited about the national release of 'Ignition, ' " says Grow. "It is my first release and my first full length album that I have done. I put countless time and effort into the writing and recording of this record, and I hope that the songs can hold longevity within my listeners."

Produced by Ron Vento [Wakefield, Good Charlotte, Genuine] at Night Sky Studios, "Ignition" showcases not only Sam's musical talents, but his songwriting gift as well. The debut single off the record entitled "Wait a Minute, " follows the story of an emotional man spilling his heart out to his true love. As a soulful romantic, Grow's lyrics stick to subjects that are timeless, including life, love and heartbreak.

Grow has toured the US and played with artists such as: Jeff Scott Soto, Josh Kelley, and Kanye West. He will continue to tour throughout the year promoting "Ignition" and is currently scheduled on dates through December 2009.

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