Jenn Grinels has embarked on a Northeast tour

California singer-songwriter, Jenn Grinels, has embarked on a Northeast tour that will hit 18 cities in eight states. Jenn will be opening on tour for fellow singer-songwriter, Rebecca Loebe. The tour will be hitting mostly college campuses throughout the Northeast, in addition a to brief stop in New York at the ever-popular venue, The Living Room, on February 1st. The tour will end February 20th in Memphis.

Music from Jenn's album "Little Words" was recently featured on MTV's "The Island: Road Rules vs. Real World."

Jenn's style is described as "jazzy in its pacing, soulful in its delivery, heartfelt in its sensuous tone, and poetic in the timing of the words." - Full Value Reviews, P.T. Rothschild.

"...her voice is just absurd. Two artists kept coming to mind - Martin Sexton and Fiona Apple. Sexton because of his vocal focus & control; Fiona Apple because of her tell-off confessional/conversational lyrics, her penchant for complex rhyme schemes (like rhyming a 3 syllable word with a 4 syllable word), and her powerful, listen-up-buster delivery." -, San Fransisco.

As an independent artist, Jenn has crisscrossed the US the past year, playing to audiences in over 30 states and selling over 2, 000 albums in venues ranging from coffee shops to concert halls. "She is the real, talented epitome of today's best indie music." - San Diego Reader.

Jenn has won numerous awards for her singing/songwriting, such as Best Performer/Best Vocalist for San Diego's Honoring Acoustic Talent Award, as a finalist for her song "No Better" in the West Coast Songwriters' Song Contest, and more.

"Grinels began to play and sing and the whole room stopped breathing. She has a dazzling voice, Chrissie Hynde's mojo, Rickie Lee Jones' feel for the jazz in the spaces between notes and a unfailing sense of the dynamics called for in each moment." - Southeast Missourian (Bluebird Cafe, Nashville)

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