'Music Stimulus Package' from Atlanta-Based Backspace Records

Is the bank about to repossess your iPod? Is your iTunes collection facing foreclosure? Have you sold your favorite CDs on eBay to keep the creditors at bay? Is your radio dial stuck on the news about how much your tech stocks have plummeted? Don't worry; your musical doldrums are about to get a much-needed economic bailout! When it comes to stimulus packages, President Obama's got nothing on Atlanta based Backspace Records. In keeping with the hopeful spirit of the times, the indie label is kicking off 2009 by launching an inaugural Music Stimulus Package featuring a trio of artists, The Baby Grands, Guitar Red and Mark Gaignard & The Also Ran.

You can visit to download two free songs by each of the three featured artists. The free downloads are a unique way for Backspace Records to give back to the fans who are eagerly contributing to the label's success, without emptying their wallets!

The idea for the package emerged from the incredible traffic on the MySpace pages of each of these artists and the Backspace website during the recent holiday season.

The Atlanta-based trio The Baby Grands, whose self titled debut album offers kids-oriented alternative music that even parents can enjoy, has made "Sugar Makes Me Loco" and the popular "Diggin' A Hole To China" available for downloading. Guitar Red's astonishing rise from homelessness in Decatur, Georgia to critically acclaimed blues artist is captured on his two available for download songs, "Box Car No. 9" and "Lips Poked Out." Mark Gaignard & The Also Ran, former front man of the successful band Big Sky, offers the songs "Flawless" and "One By One By One, " a coming of age song fitting for any graduating class!

About Backspace Records: The dynamic husband and wife team of Ben and Kimberly Rowell is leaping full force into the independent music world with their exciting and eclectic label, Backspace Records ( Their goal is developing artists musically while giving them the chance to succeed financially. Rather than growing Backspace as a niche label, their goal is to have a roster of diverse artists and find a specific niche for each one of them.

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