Indonesia president launches third music album

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has launched a third pop album comprising instrumental versions of his 10 previously recorded songs. The album, dubbed Evolution and launched on Sunday in a lavish concert attended by cabinet ministers, features some of the country's veteran rock, jazz and classic musicians.

"These works express my feelings and thoughts as president and an ordinary human being, " Yudhoyono was quoted as saying in his Web site,

"I want to invite my compatriots to unite and devote themselves to a better future for the nation, " he said.

The album is an instrumental compilation of songs from his previous albums, My Longing for You (2006) and Advance My Country (2007), which featured some of the country's most popular singers.

The themes of the songs vary from romantic to patriotic.

Yudhoyono has said he composed some of the tunes while his was on a plane during overseas trips.

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