Tony Adamo and Drummer James Gaddson

James Gaddson, one of the greatest Pop, Soul, and R&B drummers of all time just layed down some smokin' drum tracks for Tony Adamo's new CD release ('09) at Capitol Studios, Studio A (Capital Records). This is the second time, Adamo's guitarist/producer; Jerry Stucker has brought in this multi-stylistic drumming icon. He previously recorded on Adamo's CD, Straight Up Deal. Gaddson's galvanizing drum grooves continue to effect and propel two of the cuts, "No Strings, " and "Groove Therapy, " onto radio playlists. It is Gaddson's drumming you hear on Bill Withers, "Use Me" and "Lean on Me."

Tony Adamo and his producer Jerry Stucker will be in the studio for the next few months putting the finishing touches on his yet untitled new CD release. Next up in the recording studio will be Jazz/Funk organist, Neil Larsen (Gregg Allman) who also previously recorded on STRAIGHT UP DEAL, UrbanZone Records.

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