A New "Standard" For Traditional Radio

While the "Standards"are vanishing from many traditional radio stations one up-start internet station is trying to reverse the trend. As Frank Sinatra belted out 'I did it my way' so to has The Standard Media Group's internet radio station The North Hollywood, CA based is a totally listener supported internet radio station and is one of the most listened to stations of its kind. Starting January 1, 2009 they will be programming KPHX 1480 AM in Phoenix and bringing the timeless music we know as "The Great American Songbook" back to traditional radio in the Phoenix area.

Standard Media Group is headed by former Clear Channel radio programming executive Brad Chambers. Calling their format Contemporary Standards, Chambers has created a blend of songs he calls "Classic Cool, " featuring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald and the like, with "Contemporary Cool" artists like Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Diana Krall and Rod Stewart. The latter group having recent success attracting baby boomers to the Great American Songbook.

Music has always been and will continue to be the cornerstone of this generation's lifestyle. "We Boomers still love our Rolling Stones and Beatles CDs. But we've heard all those songs over and over." Chambers points out that Boomers in radio created the short playlist, fast turnover Top 40 radio format. "We love those songs but they're not making many new rock 'n roll oldies. So we go looking for something new - especially in social situations, " he adds. "We have friends over, we're making martinis and 'Brown Sugar' by the Rolling Stones doesn't cut it. But Sinatra's 'One for My Baby, ' does! We have graduated from rock concerts on the green to an intimate jazz show with seats near the stage. The martini glass has replaced the beer bottle. We can still knock 'em back, but with a martini glass, of course."

The new KPHX 1480 AM radio station will be a combination of classic "Standards" like the aforementioned Sinatra saloon song - and contemporary recordings like a version of the same song on a recent CD from harmonica legend Toots Thielmans, featuring 28 year old British Jazz wunderkind Jamie Cullum. Chambers adds, "It's amazing the list of artists who identify "Standards" as their inspiration...from Elton John (whose cover of George and Ira Gershwin's 'But Not for Me' is heard opening the 1994 big screen hit Four Weddings and a Funeral) to Rod Stewart. Stewart's Great American Songbook series is closing in on 20-million units in sales and gave the 63 year old rocker his first Grammy ever."

Standard Media Group is headed by former Clear Channel radio programming executive Brad Chambers. The Standard's programming is based on the music often referred to as The Great American Songbook. The Standard is NOT just another radio format. The Standard is a multi-platform, multimedia LIFESTYLE COMPANY that aggregates and delivers Adult Standard content in an Adult Contemporary package to affluent adults over a variety of distribution platforms.

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