blues Presents Soul Lounge Live Music Event presents its new version of Live Music Soul Event called Soul Lounge on Thursday, January 8, 2009 at The French Quarter Café at 823 Woodland Street in Nashville, Tennessee. started in October of 2004 to help independent artists of any genre sell music globally via the internet. The Company now sells close the likes of 1000 artists' CDs on the website and signs up new aspiring artists weekly for only a one-time fee of $30. will soon sell only digital music for indie artists but now sells physical CDs. started promoting live music shows for quality indie artists to help them gain more exposure, sell CDs and promote the website. The first live show, MyCDparty LIVE!, was held in February 2005 at The Atlantis Lounge, previously The Rhythm Kitchen on 3rd Avenue in the heart of downtown Nashville. Various performers performed at this event like Darnell Levine, Michael Inge, Casme, Jason Eskridge, RedStorm (HBO Def Poetry Jam) and more than 50 other artists.

The SOUL LOUNGE event will focus solely on Soul Music for independent and major artists nationally. "This event will host the best Live Soul Music Period from around the country as well as maintain the soulful energy, be the portal for soul DJs, Urban comedians, just the Complete Soul Experience that a city like Nahville has not experienced, " claims Bill Lee McCleskey, owner of and SOUL LOUNGE. The SOUL LOUNGE event plans to separate itself from similar events through strategic marketing efforts that have not been initiated in the middle Tennessee area. "Nashville is growing and we are growing with it. It's a small Atlanta that will soon be a hub for great Soul Artists for major industries. We plan to capitalize on those endorsement and sponsorship efforts, " Bill Lee claims.

The Launch of this event will be held in historic East Nashville at 823 Woodland Street at The French Quarter Café. Feature artists include Casme, Freddie B as host (of Freddie B TV), the soul/jazz band Gilmore Scott and the creator himself Bill Lee & his band. Future performers include The Light, Marcus Finnie Band, Pop Band Marie Hines and Mindy McQ.

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