JJ Cale Adds New Dimensions To His Timeless Sound On 'Roll On'

JJ Cale's new album 'Roll On' (Rounder Records, Feb. 24) is full of timeless grooves and the meticulously understated production that he is known for, but it also adds new dimensions to the "classic Cale sound."

Just press play on the new record and all of a sudden there's J.J. Cale jazz-scatting for the first time ever on disc opener "Who Knew, " and later he's loping along behind a restrained jazz piano on "Former Me." Cale even adds an element of humor to the lyrics of the laid-back jam "Where The Sun Don't Shine."

So, where did this new inspiration come from? "When I'm singing in the bathtub I usually do that [scat], " says Cale. "When I got through with ["Who Knew"] it made me laugh, so I went, 'Well that's good.'"

'Roll On' is Cale's first solo album in nearly five years, and his debut for Rounder Records. It follows Cale's Grammy-winning, gold-certified 2006 collaboration with Eric Clapton 'The Road to Escondido.'

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