Marco Granados Celebrates The Music of Venezuela

Prepare to take a vacation unlike any other! Warm culture, proud tradition, and undeniable spirit come together in the form of passionate music with renowned flutist Marco Granados' newest release Music of Venezuela. The record embodies the infectious joy of Granados' homeland and serves as a whirlwind tour of jazzy, Latin America-inspired folk music. Now audiences everywhere can get a taste of this rich musical heritage what Granados himself calls a "joyful and innocent voice."

Music of Venezuela is a fast-paced, 15-track excursion of jam-packed rhythms and exotic melodies. In addition to Granados' own virtuoso turn on the flute, the album's ensemble includes talents such as Jorge Glenn at cuatro (a guitar-like instrument), Roberto Koch on bass, and Leonardo Granados and Manuel Rangel on maracas.

When the passionate flute-playing, sizzling beats and cuatro's rich acoustic melody combine, the result is unforgettable: a colorful, exotic sound that can only be found in Venezuelan tradition. Lucky for us and listeners everywhere, Granados and his able colleagues like to share.

A talented soloist and avid teacher, Marco Granados is considered one of the world's greatest flutists. Born in Venezuela, Granados has performed with several distinguished ensembles, including the Latin American Chamber Trio and his current group Un Mundo.

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