Kenny Martin Unveils Classic Rock/Jazz CD "As We Walk"

The multi-talented international adult contemporary singer/songwriter, Kenny Martin, has released his brand new CD entitled "As We Walk, " which features his chart-topping single "This Train Station." The album features thirteen upbeat rock songs, including the title track and "Tomorrow's Memory, " that are hard hitting radio masterpieces of melodic adventures.

"As We Walk" was recorded and produced in the entertainment mecca that is Las Vegas where Kenny has continued to earn praise for his previously released CD "Tomorrow's Memory." Throughout the recording process fans around the world have awaited Kenny's return and he has earned significant interest on a national level with hopes of continuing his success with the release of this red hot new album of songs. As of today, the song "This Train Station" stands at #24 on the FMQB AC Top 40 Radio Charts and it is expected to keep climbing up.

The International recording artist Kenny Martin also released a classic rock/jazz CD "Tomorrow's Memory." The album of songs is characterized by fine songwriting and melodies, rocking guitar, deft keyboards, tender ballads, and pop sensibilities. Radio and listeners will be enthralled by such choice cuts as "Crazy, " "Time" and "St. Mark's." After playing in Montreal and Toronto, Canada, Kenny has returned to Las Vegas with Ronnie Foster ready to hit the big-time with "Tomorrow's Memory" and to play LIVE on the Famous Las Vegas Strip.

Well-Blended Mix Of Many Musical Genres From Rock To Jazz author: Diane and the Reviewer Team "Tomorrow's Memory" by Kenny Martin is a well blended classic rock/jazz CD embracing Brazilian flare. The lead vocals are smooth and subtle while the harmonies on select tracks enrich the musical tonality. The balancing mix of instruments produces a relaxing, never overpowering, sound quality. This relaxing sound quality provides an effective backdrop to the generally positive and uplifting lyrics. The synth in "A Thousand Years of Magic" provides smooth strings with a catchy scaled riff just before the chorus. Upbeat and dancing is "The Golden Highway" with a tight drum beat and piano complementing the Brazilian fusion. You'll really enjoy this CD if you're in the mood for classic rock/jazz infused with syncopated Brazilian rhythms.

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