Debut Album, Libertad, Drives Brendaly Up The Top 20 Charts

Hit single "Ritmo Latino" continues to climb up the Radio Y Musica Top 20 Charts into the #13 spot. Brendaly is the essence of every woman. She is a mother, a wife, a storyteller, a performer. She is all that she aspires to be, and with her debut album, "Libertad, " Brendaly aspires to conquer the Latin music scene with her infectious blend of rhythm and truth.

Brendaly is an artist representing today's Latina woman. She is both strong and nurturing, an independent force to be reckoned with in the new world. her new album on Southern Pearl/Sugarwater/Fontana/Universal "Libertad" is the sum of her expression. The albums first single, "Na, Na, Na" is a story of woman's empowerment told against a pulsating, Hurban beat. The song is already generating buzz at Spanish radio across the country. Now "Ritmo Latino Remix" is climbing up the charts with its dancing party beats filled with the Puerto Rican salsa and jazz rhythms that will have you guaranteed dancing the night away.

Libertad reflects her life's journey, her struggles and her influences from Puerto Rico and New York. The album is a spicy mix of ballads and party anthems that are guaranteed to engage listeners of any age.

Brendaly's lyrics and music carry a message of hope, breaking chains, change and always being true to oneself: "My songs are expressions of where I've been, where I am and where I would eventually like to take myself. My songs are stories of my reality. Most importantly they are my memoirs. Life stories for others to hear, relate to, and know that they are not alone." Now that Brendaly has arrived she is ready to embark on this journey and inspire woman and fans through her strength, lyrics, and music.

Featuring and telling Brendaly's story in any outlet will provide audiences with a first hand look at a powerful woman breaking through. With Brendaly's bilingual abilities and Latin flair, the songstress will fit outlets as today's Latina woman able to overcome all that life throws her way.

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