Rock Band Kazak Plays First Show in CA to Sold-Out Crowd

The new hard-hitting breakthrough rock band Kazak, consisting of members who descend from Santa Cruz, California, played its first show in Northern California to a sold-out crowd at the Crow's Nest on November 1, 2008. American supermodel Marisa Miller, also a Santa Cruz native, hosted the show. She stated, "I want to spread the word and turn people on to a band I love. I hosted KAZAK's first live show in Santa Cruz at the beginning of November and was blown away. Everyone was. It was awesome to hear good rock that wasn't pop sounding or over produced. They are small-town guys with big talent and I have high hopes for them. I hope you love KAZAK's sound as much as I do."
Although three members are natives of Santa Cruz, singer-guitarist Justin Kaczyk is from Big Springs, Texas. Kaczyk grew up as a singer/songwriter influenced by blues and southern rock and has a vocal range like no other. Supporting Kaczyk's sound, the group has Kevin Rafferty on guitar who has an endless range of talent driven from influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Tom Morello. Kevin's younger brother Dave Rafferty on bass brings a complete sound, and Michael Santaella on drums cements the sound of KAZAK.
Hyde Street, KAZAK's debut album, drew its inspiration from the rough streets of the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, California mixed with Kaczyk's homelife frustrations and emotional departure from real life's day-to-day struggle; this 15-song record packs a powerful sonic assault.
Returning to Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco where they recorded their EP, KAZAK recently completed their debut album Hyde Street that continues to grow the sound that their fans have grown to love. Continuing to create music that is not overproduced, their debut plays with the landscape of rock's history by using southern roots and modern rock sensibilities.
"Still Life, " the follow-up single to "Never Enough, " will be available on iTunes on December 9, 2008. Hyde Street will be available on iTunes and in Best Buy on December 16, 2008.

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