How a Christmas Song Becomes a Standard in the Digital Age

What would women rather be doing for Christmas? Indie jazz artist Diona Devin sings all about it while mixing a traditional music genre with a new business model to promote her holiday single Merry Christmas to Me.

In the past, it took years to build a Christmas song in the public consciousness before it reached standard status. Publishers relied on major artists cutting holiday albums, heavy radio rotation for 2-4 weeks per year and inclusion on compilation recordings and movie soundtracks to generate recognition let alone revenue.

However, co-writers Diona Devincenzi and Gigi Swanson hope to jump start the process by building a digital grass roots following that will lead to major cuts, radio play and film/TV synch licensing.

At Thanksgiving, they launched an e-mail campaign to introduce the single on You Tube featuring jazz vocals by Devincenzi accompanied by animated graphics designed by Their virtual "stocking stuffer" invites viewers to share the You Tube link with others. Further promotional efforts include download gift cards from with redemption points on the artist's website, links on social networks, podcasts, blogs as well as traditional PR. CD Baby downloads are also available.
"The digital domain had changed the way we create, maintain and market music", comments award-winning songwriter and performer Devincenzi. She adds, "The tools available now to reach audiences have dramatically expanded from even 2 years ago when I promoted my last album."

At the core of this DIY digital marketing strategy is a three and a half minute song of guilt-free indulgence and humor-- an in your face look at a modern woman's life during the month of December.

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