Jazz Vocalist Paulette Dozier is back at the Biltmore Hotel

Six years and two CDs later, jazz vocalist Paulette Dozier is finally back at the Biltmore Hotel this December 2008. Her return is long overdue, but her performance makes the wait well worth it. Set in the beautifully coiffed gardens of the hotel's poolside Cascade Restaurant, this extraordinary entertainer performs a repertoire mixed with festive holiday songs, memorable standards, and signature originals from her latest CD, "Over & Over Again."

From coast to coast jazz critics have praised "Over & Over Again" for its musicianship and power packed performance where Paulette makes it evident that she is truly an entertainer. Recorded in collaboration between the jazz diva and her producer Mike Levine, this 2007 release highlights Paulette's voice in such a way that while listening to the recordings, visualizing her on stage is simply a matter-of-course. C. Michael Bailey of All About Jazz sensed Paulette's spotlight presence saying she "...turns out to be the authentic item, singer, stage performer, provocateur." Her vocal power and genuine stage command moved Edward Blanco of E Jazz News to assert that she provides "...a power packed performance on 'Over & Over Again...' Paulette Dozier is simply wonderful...[with] a unique style that sets her apart from the many singers that abound in the jazz world these days."

When asked about the romantic title tune that was written by Dozier and Levine, Paulette coyly admitted that, like other songs she's written, personal experience was her inspiration for the amorous lyrics. Mike took charge of the music and created a sound reminiscent of big band golden years. Susan Frances of Jazz Review described Paulette and the CD best, noting that this talented lady's "...voice puts people under a natural spell.... Though many of the tracks have a nostalgic aura and classic swing jazz brushing, Dozier sings them for contemporary times...".

Paulette Dozier will be appearing at the Biltmore Hotel (Cascade Restaurant) on Thursdays, December 4, 11 and 18 with two performances each evening at 7:00pm and 8:00pm. For an evening of relaxing entertainment this holiday season, we suggest you treat yourself to the superb vocals of Paulette Dozier.

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