Jasha & The Sixty Minute Men Perform Live at Dorsett Inn

Jasha & The Sixty Minute Men, the popular five-piece dance band whose music ranges from classic rock to upbeat blues, Motown and original songs, will perform live at The Dorsett Inn on Thursday, December 11, from 9 until 11 p.m.

The Dorsett Inn is at 12068 Dorsett Road, a few hundred yards east of the I-270 Dorsett Road exit.

Jasha & The Sixty Minute Men always satisfy audiences at parties, fundraisers, corporate events and indoor and outdoor music venues across metro St. Louis. The band is known for upbeat performances which quickly get people in a good mood for dancing and singing along. The musicians are:

Jasha McQueen Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, harmonica, congas and percussion. Called "Queen Bee, " Jasha is a prolific composer of elegant ballads, songs of love and outrageous rockers. She inspires audiences as a dancer seemingly lost in the music, yet perfectly in control, with a vocal range from tender to tenacious, an electric smile and magnetic live-on-stage personality.

Jeff Dunlap Vocals, electric lead and rhythm guitars. A writer of songs for dancing and dreaming, Jeff is a rock shouter who also sings love ballads. A clean, versatile rock guitarist, he is a romantic rebel who brings four electric guitars to every show.

Michael "Organ" Morgan Electric keyboards, harmonium, background vocals and percussion. Mike demonstrates impressive musical range from early Ray Charles and Doo-Wop music through the British Invasion and Flower Power Pop to Modern Jazz and Blues. He is a "Ladies' Choice" for his boyish grin and fun-loving demeanor.

Val Strode - Electric bass, acoustic guitar and background vocals. Val is an experienced rock and folk musician who possesses an encyclopedic musical knowledge of rock and pop musical styles. He plays a Hofner "Beatle bass" and has performed with touring rock acts.

Bob "Smackin'" McCracken Drums, vocals & percussion. Bob speaks softly but carries big sticks. He is centered on the beat and on time, every time. He owns three sets of drums plus accessories, including a 1963 set of Ludwigs. When not rocking, Bob stays in shape by swimming.

With full bar service, The Dorsett Inn is a popular suburban casual restaurant that serves a full range of appetizers, burgers, grilled and cold sandwiches, salads and specials.

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