Dubee (Y.R. Girouard) Releases “Earth Calls The Spirit”

Ambient music that soothes the soul. Dubee is a flautist and vocalist, who has written, recorded and independently produced three CDs. Her new release Earth Calls The Spirit, is Native American Cedar Flute, vocals and silver flute compositions. You will experience haunting flute melodies with the richness of cello, harp, ethnic percussion mystical vocals, traditional flute and nature sounds. The listener will journey to a tranquil place within and reflect quietly. These contemplative compositions create an ambient atmosphere that encourage reflection and healing that will capture the spirit.

"Tranquil Spirits, " her first release in 2006, was a collection of flute compositions accompanied by the peaceful sounds of birds, wind, ocean waves and other nature sounds. The gentle music encouraged listeners to follow a calming path to a place of healing and quiet thoughts.

Her second release in 2007, "Organic Energy, " was a collection of flute and non-flute compositions. Featuring a balance between contemplative meditations and up-tempo music. An ambient blend of vocals, flute, harp and other instruments in harmony with wind, birds and ocean waves allows the audience to relax and reflect in a quiet place.

Dubee describes her music as meditative, therapeutic and contemplative. Soothing sounds to close your eyes, relax and reflect to.

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