"To the Beat of the Drum," by Emile M. Hobo

Yet another Rock'n'Roll story about a seventeen year old kid with a guitar making it big? Nope. Then it must be about a Rock'n'Roll junkie shooting up to the depths of hell. Hmm. Nope. What it is about? It's about a former Rock'n'Roll junkie and his old time drug courier both trying to be a success. The former junkie, called Harry, is now stuck in an office job programming computers. The courier, who likes to call himself Brunzkowitz, is running from the mob. They both long for better days.

Life isn't over once you're out your twenties. Some of the greatest Blues musicians have been discovered in their later years. Now Harry is no janitor, don't get me wrong. But programming computers doesn't exactly make the Blues stop from aching in his bones. And he knows it ain't never gonna quit. We've all been there, thinking our dreams had gone to waste. The truth is you've got to step up. The main reason for doing it, and the only way to do it, is to do it. You've got to step up.

Like Harry this screenplay surprises you by stepping outside of the beat of the drum. A bit up ahead, a bit behind. The pacing will get you when you least expect it. A classic tale, a new note. Let Harry show you how it is and isn't done. Let him show you how you get to be the leader of the band. Let him show you what it means to persevere. Let him show you what it means to sacrifice. Let him show you what it means to be down low.

Does Harry really understand the hardships, and the sacrifices that need to be made to be a success in Rock'n'Roll? Does he understand what it means to lead a band? And how about Brunzkowitz? Does he have vision? Can he distinguish between the grand view of running a drug empire and the petty details he usually deals with? What does it really mean to be a success? Let Emile show you in his original screenplay. And don't forget to get your own band together and play.

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