Kort McCumber: Lickskillet Road CD Tour

Fresh, vital and energetically charged with deep and genuine feeling, Kort McCumber's latest CD – Lickskillet Road – is guaranteed to satisfy. Whether you're looking for something to lift you up on your feet, or something to drive you thoughtfully into and sometimes to the edge of your seat, you'll find it on Lickskillet Road. Twelve great, new songs meet with great, timeless musicianship to make Lickskillet Road a must-hear, gotta-have-it CD.

A first listen leads to a quick conclusion …Kort is an accomplished player, and a versatile one. On this release, he plays no less than eight instruments (he plays many of them at the live show as well, along with a few more); Navigate your way up and down Lickskillet Road and you'll find Kort on guitar (acoustic and electric), bass (electric and upright), mandolin, bouzouki, dobro, harmonica and banjo.

In the end, however, it isn't his instrumental versatility, but his vocal virtuosity that takes the record to the next level. His singing is not just good, it is great! Some singers can hit all the notes while others are skilled at capturing the feeling. Kort does both, breathing life into the songs and reaching into the lives of those who hear them.

As if that's not enough, McCumber and recording engineer/co-producer Jim Gilmour solicited a little help from the best of the best. Guest appearances from Vince Gill (mandolin and harmony vocals on Middle Child and lead guitar on Got Me a Woman), Sally Van Meter (dobro) and Don Conoscenti (acoustic guitar, electric guitar and lap steel), along with the soulful playing of numerous other musicians, raise the bar another notch or two. In the end, Lickskillet Road is well-conceived and skillfully delivered.

While Kort is clearly seasoned and comfortable in the studio, his greatest joy and dynamic verve is on-stage. The proof is in the performance. In the summer of 2008, Kort performed on festival stages with some of the best musicians: Tim O'Brien, Sam Bush Band, Chatham County Line, Peter Rowan, Cherryholmes, The Wilders, The Hackensaw Boys, Lori McKenna, The Clumsy Lovers and many more…

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