Sachin Gupta is back with his debut film Dil Kabaddi

With the release of Dil Kabaddi comes to the fore the prodigious musician Sachin Gupta. At only 27 years of age, he is the in-house music producer for Tips Films and has already become a name to reckon with. Apart from having produced albums for artists such as Apache Indian and Alisha Chinoy, he sky-rocketed singer Atif Aslam's musical career by creating the runaway hit compilation Doorie. So it was no surprise that more artists such as Jal, Ahmad Jehanzedb and Adeel followed on. Sachin is presently also working on producing two of his new Indian bands—Rooh and Ni9NE—to be introduced in the coming months. But it is with his debut in the B-industry that not only Sachin has got Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing one of his compositions, Zindagi Ye, but also broken the cliches and intertwined sufi with rock all the same. "Every musician, whether in India or Pakistan, loves his music. As artists we are only trying to bind ourselves in the common thread of the harmony that our music speaks of, " says Sachin.

The six-track soundtrack of Dil Kabaddi, released on Sony BMG, even has Sachin singing on one of the songs called Ehsaan. The album brings Sachin's novel approach of blending myriad musical styles under one crown. Previously this young music producer has composed two songs—Kitne Aansoon Piye and Farishta—for the film Strangers and is currently working on the TIPS film dues for release early next year and will feature Atif Aslam on two of it's songs as well. "I've been working on films as well as independent albums and every song comes from the moment I have lived. My life takes the shape of my songs, " admits Sachin.

A composer-singer-producer, Sachin Gupta has is a multi-faceted talent, who is bringing varied influences of jazz, hip, reggae and rock into the mainstream for the masses, "People need to be exposed to various genres of music for them to know whether they like it or not. I'm all for bringing about a change in the given musical scenario, " he says.

A former member of Delhi's fusion band Mrigya, Sachin has performed at over 600 concerts across countries including Dubai, London, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia that has included major music festivals such as the Jazz Fest, Edinburgh Fest and Scotland Fest.

But the progression into Bollywood, which was only natural, came through when TIPS VP, Rajiv Sogani discovered his talent at one of the concerts Sachin played. "I was playing a show in London when I was introduced to Mr Rajiv Sogani and he instantly knew it was time for me to move another level, " he says.

Termed by international media as the "Flying Finger Melodies", Sachin's tryst with music began at the age of 10 when his mother gifted him a guitar. Within six years of being introduced to the instrument, he went on to win the Best Asian Guitar Player. "I have played a lot of shows world across but I have always wanted to go mainstream with films since there is so much space for experimentation that a composer can do which the masses are also supportive of. All of this broadens the creative parameters of a musician, " feels Sachin.

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