Custard Pie - Celebrating the Music of Led Zeppelin

Sensational New Jersey-based group Custard Pie is reaching fans of Led Zeppelin everywhere. Paying tribute to the original recordings Custard Pie is thrilling audiences with authentic live recreations of the timeless sounds of Led Zeppelin.

If there was ever a better time to showcase the timeless works of Led Zeppelin, that time is now. Anyone who grew up listening to Led Zeppelin is going to thrill at the opportunity to hear their music live yet again. Enter Custard Pie a New Jersey-based cover band that is recreating the works of Led Zeppelin to the delight and excitement of fans everywhere.

What sets Custard Pie apart from other groups performing the music of Led Zeppelin is their attention to detail. The group focuses a hundred percent of their effort on the music itself as opposed to other acts donning the outfits, hair, and stage antics. In addition to drawing upon the recordings themselves Custard Pie dissects various transcriptions looking for the best representation of the original scores while isolating key motifs and rhythms into live arrangements producing seemingly flawless reproductions of the original recordings.

The group consists of top-notch players with a passion for the music of Led Zeppelin with varied backgrounds and musical experiences:
Keyboardist Mike Palschakov, an accomplished player who recently worked with legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore until a death in the family prevented him from continuing, was also a member of the Doors tribute band, Crystal Ship and later played in Yesterdays, a Yes tribute. He is a freelance piano teacher and performs in a weekly residency at a private club. Mike has a degree in electrical engineering from Rutgers University. In addition to Custard Pie, Mike performs with the Genesis cover band Foxtrot. Mike plays a key role in providing musical direction on the group's arrangements and spends countless hours reading and transcribing.

Vocalist Brian Caufield draws upon a myriad of influences including Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Grateful Dead and Neil Young, the Black Crowes, Radiohead, Beck, Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon. Brian's range and ability to emulate Robert Plant's vocal style offer the band a striking contrast to that of other interpretations of Plant's work. Fans of Led Zeppelin expect no less than perfection and there are not many that successfully recreate the sonorous crooning of Robert Plant as Brian seems to do almost effortlessly. Brian's passion for the music is effectively projected on audiences who seek to thrill from the melodious roller coaster ride of Plant's melodies and expressive wailings.

The band's rhythm section consists of Kevin N@y on guitars, John Daggett on drums and Tom Santo on bass. Together the three navigate the driving rhythmical underpinnings that set Led Zeppelin apart from other bands to come out of the 60s. Working in tandem the three weave together the quintessential grooves that everyone grew up on, building their live performances into a frenzied state and at times offering a surreal experience of the timeless sounds. With over twenty years of playing experience they each bring something special to the table and an ability to scrutinize and build upon their understanding of the nuances woven into the fabric of the works of Led Zeppelin.

The timing of the group's rise in popularity coincides with the resurgence of the Zeppelin generation's desire to relive those classic moments of the 60s, 70s and 80s. As the cycle completes itself it is a welcome return to something great that is lost in a lot of today's music. The music of Led Zeppelin has never failed to reach people of all ages. Ranging from blues, rock, folk, country, jazz, rockabilly and reggae styles there is scarcely anything that Zeppelin did not seek to explore on some level which is perhaps one of the key reasons they are able to touch the lives of so many people.

Custard Pie is currently lining up bookings for 2009 and can be reached through their web site at They can also be found on MySpace at A press kit is also available for download in addition to other media and band information. Please contact Custard Pie management for updates on their schedule and availability.

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