Escape Holiday Stress With New Music

Richard Frank, a professional musician, composer and producer of the contemporary music group Present Tense, advises people who feel stressed during the holiday season to listen to upbeat, original, and fresh compositions.

"Why get a seasonal CD for yourself or for someone else that is good for only a month or two a year?" asks Richard. "If you want holiday-type music, go turn on the radio."

Present Tense released their latest CD entitled Smooth Talkin' earlier this year and has enjoyed brisk sales. The group performs at clubs, private homes, corporate events, and concerts to critical acclaim. The group best describes itself as Organic R&B Pop Jazz. It's a full jazz group that challenges contemporary music by being more fresh and inventive than 'standard' smooth jazz.

Present Tense is looking for new and unbiased ears open to a new listening experience. 1) click on CD Baby link:, 2) listen to a few selections, and 3) make a decision to buy the CD. It's a fresh sound that will grow on you.

"Our CD features 13 tracks - 12 original compositions and a unique arrangement of the classic rock tune 'Dream On' by Aerosmith, " states Richard. "We took immense care in producing this project and poured a tremendous amount of love and energy into it." And the CD has legs - it has achieved #31 on the national jazz charts with the release of the single 'Smiles' - a great achievement for an independent label.

According to Bob Baur, Music Connection Magazine: "They combine contrasting styles so flawlessly, it's breathtaking. Like a sleek, fast rollercoaster, the music challenges listeners to hold on tight and enjoy the ride."

"We strongly suggest getting the CD. This is an 'album' project. Sitting back with the liner notes and listening to special guests Eric Marienthal and Alex Acuna is indeed a great way to relax and get into the vibe of our music." is the best way to learn more about the group. Once there. 'Private Tense' will take the navigator to a page for listening to the band's cover repertoire for 'private' events and parties. 'Original Tense' is currently their MySpace page for their CD project. Richard adds: "Our 'Original Tense' website is being totally revamped so keep checking back - we will be offering free charts of our original material so you can download them and play along."

Smooth Talkin' is bound to delight audiences of all ages but is more geared toward the 30+ audience, musically minded jazz aficionados and amateur and pro musicians.

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