New Cd Release "Visions" By The Band 'Unbridled'

Unbridled is what happens when you release the musical sound of three talented musicians galloping freely but with a syncopated quality through adventuresome territory. Rhythm seeps from the pores of this CD, liberally infusing it with influences of rock, jazz, funk, soul, blues, southern rock, reggae, alternative rock and pop.

The mood is serious but a whole lot of fun interspersed with an additional ensemble of dynamic horns, and certain other instrument choices, that bring back memories of other all-time great musicians. There's plenty of hot guitar playing by Justin Hawkins with the influences of Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Toy Caldwell, Wayne "Bear" Sauls, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Bobby Byrd and others working their way onto this creation of unbridled musical passion.

Eric Myer's bass riffs create a simplistic yet, complex foundation that allow Justin and Stevie Hawkins freedom to roam and explore the wide-open plains of musical terrain.

A combination of instrumental, jam, and vocal songs, 'Unbridled' exemplifies what is great about American music from the South: a group of musicians coming together having fun artistically expressing themselves intellectually, emotionally and spontaneously through their instrument. A refreshing return to a time when music was universal, timeless and without boundaries, Unbridled is just that.

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