Shyan Selah's Debut LP, Brave New World

Just when you thought Hip Hop was lost to snap music and seductive ring tones, Seattle based artist Shyan Selah delivers an edgy sound that infuses funk, rock, and R&B on his debut album Brave New World. The highly acclaimed rapper and activist is booked to perform at top-tier and grassroots venues across the US and abroad on his Be Brave Tour in January, 2009.

High Powered Entertainment and Brave New World Records bring you the future of Hip Hop that crosses through genres, with Shyan Selah's freshman record. Songs from the album are inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Tupac Shakur, and many of music's pioneers of unique sounds that have mentored this young artist. "I've found inspiration through all types of music that move people and create a visual story instead of just reminiscing on my own personal experiences, " says Shyan. "My edge comes from a willingness to embrace the extreme and create an artistic explanation of the experience."

Based on the company's mantra; "Be Brave", the LP reflects Shyan's talent for introducing the most unexpected content over amazingly unique and soulful music. Selections from Brave New World such as "Oh My Godd "My Musik, " or "The Summer We Fell in Luv", leave the listener with a evocative feeling of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, and Marvin Gaye. New school flavor isn't lost with smooth beats and conscious lyrics, with nuances from Nas, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, and Jay Z on "Soul Myousic, " "Hustla, " "Luv Me Or Leave Me Alone" and "Carpe Diem."

The first single from Brave New World, "Hollywood Blvd" pulls a simple truth from adoring eyes of the American public on the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Shyan sings of drugs, money, and the destructive price of fame in the L.A. scene that everyone wants so badly to join. With the momentum of Brave New World already on high, NBC/Paramount has picked up "Hollywood Blvd" to air in the hit series Numb3rs and has deemed it, "An instant hit, impossible not to dance to." The combination of Shyan's vivid lyrics complete with a pulsing base and screaming guitar solo from Dave "Davo" Foreman (Anthony Hamilton, Snoop Dogg, Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera) gives "Hollywood Blvd" the promise of major cross-over appeal. High Powered Entertainment CEO, and notable West Coast producer John "J" Silva (Snoop Dogg, E-40, Kurupt, Keyshia Cole) bridged the deal with KOCH Entertainment to distribute Brave New World.

Shyan Selah's contribution doesn't stop at the legendary House of Blues recording studio where Brave New World was spawn; he is also the COO of The Jimi Hendrix Foundation in Seattle where he serves as a spokesman for the Rock & Roll pioneer. Shyan's talent reaches from his lyrics, album, and advocacy to pass the baton of Hip Hop's inspiration to today's youth.

"In continuing with our model to 'be brave' it is a mandate in our corporate philosophy to be true to our community and to interject inspiration and motivation to the youth in that community, " says Shyan. "I am eager to assist community organizations across the country by providing solid solutions that re-energize our youth, " proclaims Selah.

Shyan's educational and community outreach will continue with his "Stay in sChOOL" Tour, kicking off in his home state of Washington where he will visit over 70 high schools and over 20 colleges before embarking on his national "Be Brave Tour" in January.

Brave New World brings the best of Shyan Selah all the way around: the MC and the vocalist, the hustler and the community leader. His unique tone, character and voice, bring a much needed relief to the state of mainstream Hip Hop, and strengthen the bridge to the cross over genre of rap and R&B.

Currently promoting Brave New World domestically and abroad, Selah is gracing audiences from Honolulu, Hawaii to Lagos, Nigeria.

Brave New World stems from pure spirit. Based on the company's mantra, "Be Brave, " the album reflects Shyan's talent for introducing the most unexpected content over amazingly unique and soulful tracks.

Brave New World was recorded at the legendary House of Blues Studios in Encino, CA and the studio home of Fabian Cooke (Mark Wahlberg, Ziggy Marley). Mixed by platinum-awarded mix engineer, Booker T. Jones III (Brandy, Boyz II Men, Mary J. Blige) at the renowned Pacifique Studios and mastered by Eddy Schreyer of Oasis Mastering (Akon, Christina Aguilera, Kanye West), this album holds a combination of quality and uniqueness including the most experienced and distinguished technical engineers in the music business along with the boldest, freshest production talent the world has yet to hear.

Produced by DJ Rocdusa and Jay Dancsak of The Trailz, Fred "Freddie Fingerz" Darden and Q Dot, who all added their own innovative spin on hip hop, rock, R&B, funk and soul music, the sound of Brave New World, along with Shyan Selah's lyrics, has presented something completely new and innovative to the current music atmosphere.

Contained in Brave New World are tales of the joys and tribulations of fatherhood, pain and healing, sex and sensuality, poverty, love and the battle of good vs. evil. Whether it be the glamour and drama of a superstar's life in "Hollywood Blvd, " the gladiator-like war cry of "Soul Myousic: The Anthem, " the gritty rebelliousness of "Carpe Diem, " or the redemption song that is "Street Salvation, " the story of Brave New World is all about the mixing of the dream world with the real world, progressive movement, and spiritual motivation. This is an album destined to revolutionize today's music.

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