Miracle Christmas Night, Debut 2008 CD Release

Penny's Gang Records, the newly-formed label co-founded by longtime industry veteran Chris Bolden and former World Ski Champion Penny McCoy, formally announces the upcoming release of PGR's first Christmas album, which is now available everywhere. The album is being distributed by Fontana/Universal Music Group.

The 11-track release features both the familiar - Wanda Vaughn's (of The Emotions fame) - superbly impassioned offering of "Miracle Christmas Night" which is introduced by Stevie Wonder, and Terry Dexter who can be heard on "There's Nothing Like Christmas Time, " as well as emerging artists such as newcomers Patrick Paegel who offers the worshipful "The Great I Am" and special guest appearances by Nonie Devon and Mashonda Huskey who open the set with the emotional Christmas favorite "Do You Hear What I Hear?" which is at once familiar to listeners as it sets the tone for introducing a collection of new music which are certain to become classics in the coming years.

It is an artistically adventurous album that emphasizes the eternally-loving heart of God as our Father for this season of miracles - which is perhaps best evidenced on the breathtakingly beautiful "What Child Is This?" on which guitarist Les Law clearly displays his elegant yet simple virtuosity which is seamlessly intertwined with the majesty and clarity of critically-acclaimed jazz violinist Karen Briggs who makes a special appearance. The arrangement of the song, which is textured and enriched by its musical honesty and reverence for what has become a season classic, is one example of how the album successfully creates a link between Christmas classics when given new and different interpretations.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the project's ability to cross the lines of time and genres as it offers music that is profoundly classical in nature such as "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, " featuring Bill Cody and the lilting, reggae-infused track "I Am A Little Package, " featuring LeDon Smith and the Roma Carriere Children's Choir in addition to the other heartfelt and compelling music. MIRACLE CHRISTMAS NIGHT is new Christmas music for a new generation.

Penny McCoy, co-founder of PGR Records said: "These are interesting and challenging times and we wanted to create an album that reminded us all of the truth and good that's inherent in this season. It is a season of miracles and a season in which to be grateful for the gift of life as well as a time to reach out to others. We wanted this album to be a celebration of the season and all that it means for us collectively and individually. And it is our greatest hope that this album will speak to the heart of God's love."


The heart of God as our Father in this Christmas album is calling our hearts as His children into the depths of God, bringing each of us to the end of ourselves, to a place where we must choose whether we will take our cue from the world's point of view or follow hard after His truth.

And God replies:

Is it any wonder Christmas is so sad when you turn your back on the lowly manger holding God as man? Look at all you lonely people living in a daze. All I ask for you to do is hold my hand by faith. I am Baby Jesus - the man, God with you. Won't you let me in?

This Miracle Christmas Night gave birth to eternal life and angels spoke of holiness kind. The glory of creation whispered its cry while silence spoke of a hope-filled life. Freedom soared on eagle's wings and forgiveness clothed me-the newborn King.

This Miracle Christmas Night can happen to you.

Won't you open your heart and WELCOME THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD?

With Love from

Christmas Himself

P.S. Am I just in heaven or down here in your heart or am I not at all?

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